Tech Bio

Last updated February 1, 2016

I assembled my primary machine in the winter of ’12:

  • ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 Motherboard
  • nVidia GeForce GT640
  • Intel i5 3570K Quad-Core Processor
  • Samsung 830 Series SSD – 128GB
  • Seagate 7200RPM HDD – 2 TB
  • 2x8GB DDR3 RAM
  • Thermaltake TR2 600w PSU
  • DVD-RW, Hotswap HDD bay, Hauppauge TV Tuner Card
  • CM Storm Scout II ATX Mid Tower

I use a Microsoft WMO 1.1a and nothing else; they’re discontinued, but readily available very inexpensively, and are durable, have no acceleration, impeccable sensors, and a pleasant form factor.

I type on an original copyright 1984 IBM Model M keyboard, PN-1931401 in near-mint condition.


My desktop runs Linux Mint. The OS is lightweight, free/libre, and highly compatible, with a Windows-like interface, Ubuntu/Debian software repositories, and an extensible desktop environment.

My primary portable device is a Surface Pro 4 128GB with sixth-gen i5, running Windows 10. The curated Microsoft hardware-software experience can’t be beat at time of writing. I also have a Lenovo ThinkPad T510 running Linux Mint.

My phone is a Motorola Moto G3, 8GB. Motorola makes the best price-performance devices on the market at time of writing, and mine has the additional perk of IPX-compliant waterproofing.

I wore a Pebble smartwatch for a few years, and enjoyed it.

I’ve had several 7″ Android tablets over the years, but the ones I still have are in disuse in lieu of the SP4.

I’ve homebrewed my old Wii console, adding various emulators up to N64 and PSX, with a 1TB HDD attached to play backed-up Gamecube and Wii titles.

I have an older Raspberry Pi Model B which I’ve used for various tasks (mini-DHCP server, fileserver, etc.).

I don’t do business with Apple, and I avoid using any of their products.

I support the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Free Software Foundation and its subsidiaries, and the open source movement at large. I encourage you to opt for free/libre software wherever you find it.

This server is a HP dl380G5 rackmount server with twin dual-core processors and 32GB RAM, running 2.5″ SAS disks in a RAID5 configuration. The hardware runs Windows Server 2012R2, with virtual machines running Debian-based servers for workloads including this website and these Web Services.

I prefer NETGEAR networking equipment on account of stability and extensibility at a reasonable price point.