A million miles an hour

… *exhale*

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been a turbulent month or so. I returned from camp on the 16th of August, after an amazing trip to Michigan’s UP. (Facebook friends, there are some excellent photos to be seen.) Since then, a few things have occurred.

  • I moved – I’m shelving up in Berkley, MI for the next few months, leading up to a move into college.
  • I got a job – I’ve begun subcontracting IT services through RT Software Systems, Inc., my father’s company.
  • I got another job – a close friend of mine brought me in to work at a Halloween store for the next few months.

It all sounds pretty tame on paper – a little packing and unpacking here, a few appointments there, some part-time work spaced in between, etc etc etc. But, for lack of a better description, my pants have been on fire since the minute I came downstate. A lot of all-nighters and odd hours, some car trouble, and a lack of sleep have left me unable to update my humble little blog here (which, I’ll have you know, just surpassed two hundred and seventy-five page views) – so, for that, I apologize.

However, there may be some interesting stuff in the works over the next few days.

Stay tuned.